TEAM LiveByCycling

TTT Captain

Welcome aboard the Team Time Trial Ship!
As Captain you have the fun and challenging responsibility of organizing your team for the weekly WTRL Team Time Trial
held each Thursday (Friday morning in the Southern Hemisphere).

In 4 simple lessons, we’ll take you through everything you need know.
Please take the time to read through the TTT Race Rules & Strategies on WTRL’s website. These events are hosted on Zwift’s platform however the unique race format, rules and results are all run and provided by WTRL.

Challenge 1


You only have to do this once!
Not only does this give you access to register your team, you also have access to TTT race results and much more!

How to Create a WTRL Account

2 steps - 5 minutes
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Challenge 2

Register your TTT Team

Each week you'll register your team on the WTRL website. It's a simple process. Once your account is setup, it only takes a few minutes each week.

How to Register Your TTT TEAM

4 steps - 5 minutes
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Challenge 3

Pre-Race TTT Team Organization

Each week, there are a few things you need to do to make sure your team is ready to race in the upcoming TTT.

What are the Pre-Race Tasks?

4 steps - 10 minutes
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Challenge 4

Race Day TTT Team Organization

This is when it all comes together! Learn the ins-and-outs of the Captain's Race Day roles and responsibilities.

What do I need to do on race Day?

7 short lesson! - 10 minutes
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Tips & Tricks

Nothing better than a few tips and tricks that help you bring your team's experience to the next level!

Show me to tips and tricks!

4 small things – that make a BIG difference!
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WTRL Rules

WTRL TTT Race Rules

The events are hosted on Zwift’s platform however the unique race format, rules and results are all run and provided by WTRL. Take some time to learn the rules...they can make or break your race day!

Show me the WTRL rules!!

Good to review regularly!
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I work with the co-founders of LiveByCycling to help automate many things. It’s my mission to onboard new team members in a user friendly manner. 

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