Team Points Don’t Matter

Team Points Don’t Matter Seriously. You may hear a lot of buzz on our team chats about team points or team rank. Broadly speaking, when we race in league series like the Fierce Felines or TFC Mad Monday, we earn ‘points’ for our team. Just participating, earns a single point. Getting a podium position, garners […]

Five LiveByCycling Teams Compete in TTT

We are excited to announce the addition of Angela MacRae as Team Manager for TEAM LiveByCycling.
Angela brings years of IRL racing experience to LiveByCycling and infectious enthusiasm for the sport.

TEAM LiveByCycling

Zwift’s newest all-woman team, LiveByCycling – puts a new spin on Zwifting. Designed to empower women, LiveByCycling puts a unique spin on the world of Zwifting: your only competitor is YOU!