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Designed to empower women, LiveByCycling puts a unique spin on the world of Zwifting: your only competitor is YOU!

You set short term and long term goals. Pick what’s right for YOU. Each time you achieve your goal, we come together as a team to celebrate YOU.

Women supporting women.

Healing the road rash of life

We’ve experienced the ‘road rash of life’ firsthand. We’ve seen the positive impact community can make in people’s lives. We’ve studied ways in which physical activity heals. And in our book…there’s no better physical activity than cycling.

No pressure

There are no team requirements – you can continue to Zwift just as you do now. And of course we understand that many ladies like to ride outdoors, will find times when family and work commitments limit their chance to ride, or other priorities come up. We offer a safe and fun environment where you will always be welcome to join in when it suits you.

By joining our team, we will give you a window onto a social aspect of Zwift that you can’t achieve riding on your own. We support each other, join each other in events and take pride in wearing our kit and being part of a team that has members of all abilities from all around the world.

We welcome all levels

In addition to ALL category rides, we offer special events specifically for 50+ riders, 60+ riders, 70+ riders, cancer survivors, survivors of sexual abuse + caregivers plus other special needs as requested. From one-of-a-kind group rides designed to help heal the road rash of life – to social rides, races and TTTs. There’s something for every rider.

Our recipe is simple: a spoonful of exercise, a dash of insight…and a heaping cup of camaraderie. Mix it all together and blend in a supportive and encouraging environment, and you’ve got LiveByCycling.

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